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Let us hunt for you.

Acquiring a business is all about time and network. GAP accelerates the time it takes to find, vet and acquire your ideal target by leveraging our proprietary network of business owners, M&A intermediaries, and private investors.

We Elevate the Acquisition Process.

Whether you are seeking an opportunity as a first-time business owner or searching for the right asset to add to an existing portfolio, GAP is your advisor, partner and advocate every step of the way.

A dedicated partner. The process of identifying, researching and purchasing a business is a complex and time-consuming endeavor. We pilot you through the process, from defining your targets to identifying the right opportunities to securing the deal.

An expert architect. We build targeted acquisition profiles from the ground up, guided by your unique criteria.

A determined intermediary. Finding the right business is part experience, part network, part creativity. We bring every tool and resource to bear to find and present you with the right opportunities.

A keen eye. We dig deep to present the most accurate financial assessment of your potential target.

A seasoned negotiator. Composing an offer and ensuring that the final terms meet each of your business and financial needs is our prime objective.

A flexible approach. Need dedicated resources for a full-time search? Retain our services for maximum impact. Want to work on an opportunistic basis? Our “success-based” model provides access to our proprietary deal network while keeping upfront costs low. Other needs? Let’s talk.

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