Acquisition Advisory Services
for OIADA Members

Sell Your Dealership. Secure Your Future.

Developing and executing the optimal growth or divestment strategy doesn’t happen by accident.

From start to finish, we focus on facilitating deals that meet your business goals, achieve your financial requirements, and hit your timeline expectations. Our decades of experience providing M&A, business transaction and legal representation to auto-dealership owners gives us unique insights and an expansive network to help you realize the maximum value for your business.

A Proven Process to Secure the Best Outcome

Our proven M&A process – GROW – ensures your dealership finds the right buyer, at the right time, for the right terms. Our knowledgeable M&A advisors will guide you through the optimal divestment strategy so we can meet all of your goals and expecations.

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Free E-Book – Guide to Sell Your Dealership for Maximum Value

Both an art and a science, successfully selling a dealership takes smart preparation and efficient execution. Our helpful guide will take you through five important steps to maximize the full transaction value, including:

  • Understand Why You’re Selling
  • Organize Your Transaction Team
  • Identify Your Value
  • Find Potential Buyers
  • Due Diligence

This step-by-step preparation guide walks you through what you need to do to start the process, assemble your merger and acquisition (M&A) transaction team, and complete your preparation for a sale.

About Gertsburg Licata Acquisitions

Gertsburg Licata Acquisitions (GLA) is a full-service mergers and acquisition firm serving middle-market companies and corporate-asset investors. Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, GLA is the sister company of Gertsburg Licata Co., LPA and Gertsburg Licata Talent.

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